Start to Finish Solutions!

At GC Bikefit we aspire to offer the complete start to finish solution for the satisfaction of ensuring the job has been done right. This does not mean we aspire to be a ‘Bike Shop’, because that would be an exaggeration of the truth. We enable the customer to undertake all the reccomendations as far as bike fit and suitable componentry, and offer ongoing service for that.

Our business model does not rely on selling the customer anything, our business relies on the customer having the right thing for their circumstance, however they attain it.

Bike Fitting

Using Retul 3D motion capture, and comprehensive experience in cycling specific issue resolution, we aspire to not only be the best fitters on the Gold Coast, but the best in Australia.

There is no average client, and for us: there is no difference in the treatment of a Professional, or a hobby rider. The most appropriate solution for every customer will be attained, because there is no hierarchy of importance to us.

A complete bike fit will start with Cleat placement, Foot structure assessment, and stabilisation of the pedal stroke. Using cues from watching the client in this process, and thoroughly discussing all of the relevant issues, we move to assess the physical capacity of the rider, and move forward with using the Retul Motion capture, to quantify, and manipulate the riders position.

There is no such thing as a half measure, or a “quick fit” because any overlooked details can be significant, long term.

Pricing for Bike Fitting Services

Complete Bike Fit: $330.00


    • Biomechanical analysis
    • Cycling-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment
    • Dynamic data capture of 3D full body movements to determine optimal position
    • Real-time recording of power output and physiologic response to help determine optimal position
    • Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry
    • Fit appointment of approximately 90-120minutes

Second Bike Fitting : $165.00

An additional bicycle is priced at $165 when bikes are fit consecutively (for example road and mountain bikes fit back to back). To receive this special rate, you must bring both bikes to the same appointment and book two appointments back to back.

Fit Review: $165.00

A Fit Review is available for clients who have already been through a Retül analysis, and are in need of adjustment or fine tuning. A Fit Review appointment is appropriate for a bike that has been fit by GC Bike Fit within one year of the original Fit date. A follow-up appointment is appropriate for part changes and recommendations.

Retül Frame Finder: $110.00

If riding position (from a GC Bike Fit 3D Bike Fit) is already known (no fit required) a consultation is available to help select a properly fitting new bike, including frame size and part sizes/styles. The Fit Data must be from within the previous six months as varied and multiple changes can occur in this time period. This will allow the rider to select a properly fitting bike before a purchase is made, and avoid purchasing an inappropriate bike.

Bike Zin: $165.00

Does something not feel right on the bike?  Have changes been made to your bike and you would like it set back up to your original Retül fit coordinates? Customers who already have a digital bike fit on file at GC Bike Fit may drop their bike off for a Zin/setup.  Average turn around time is 48 hrs, but please check with Peter when dropping off your bike.

Note that if equipment and/or contact points have been changed since your original Retül fit, there is no guarantee that original bike setup/position can be matched. If this is the case the customer may opt to apply the $75 Zin price to a new Retül fit, so that a proper fit may be achieved.

Frame and Bike Recomendations

It is only after a bike fit that we can recommend the perfect bike for you. Retul has integrated software that compares the actual bike fit co-ordinates, with the capabilities of most mass produced manufacturers. This means that frame sixing can be certified without doubt.

We can also prove the viability to have a custom frame made for your position. Post Bikefit, we can also recommend the correct handlebar width, profile, crank length, saddle choice, and discuss the pro’s and cons of any other equipment choice.

In some cases, a standard frame is either impossible, or awkward with a riders position. We offer Custom frames by Duratec, and have access to many other custom frame suppliers, in all materials.

Workshop AND Servicing

To ensure we can deliver all the recommendations, we have a fully functioning workshop. Installation of equipment bought from GC Bikefit is included in the price, and installed by our competent mechanics. Anything purchased externally is still welcomed but in charged at our hourly rate.

All mechanical service is timed and charged according to the hourly rate, as the most honest and realistic way to ensure value for the customer. Minimum charge is $20 for any work completed within 15 minutes. Parts are charged at market rate, and no offence will be taken if parts are acquired elsewhere.


As custom frame suppliers, we have access to a wide variety of parts from many vendors, but do not aspire to be the regular bike shop. We are here to supply the right thing for the job, not what we have on hand.

We keep a regular stock of:

      • Shoes (Northwave and Crono)
      • Pedals (Keywin)
      • Saddles (SMP and ISM)
      • Bars (Ritchey)
      • Stems (bbb, Ritchey, Pro-Lite)
      • Seat posts (thomsen, Ritchey)
      • Clothing (Tineli)
      • Cleats (shimano, look, keywin)
      • Servicing parts (bbb)

Special ordered parts to individual requirements is our specialty, and have a wide variety of wheels, both custom and stock, at our disposal.
Our intention will NEVER be to sell you something you don’t need, but to discuss the best product for the intended gain.