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With personal experiences ranging from full distance Ironman, UCI Internaional  stage racing, and Gran-Fondo rides such as Peaks Challenge, I understand with first hand experience what you are going through. Feel free to call to discuss your individual concerns on treatment specific to your goals.

As a Student of Osteopathy combined with Retul, the most technical hardware available on the market, Peter’s practicing style and skill is amongst the best in the business.


The Complete 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit

Key to the enduring success of GC BikeFit is honest impartial advice. There is no retail bias, instead an approach much more like a Health Care Practitioner.

Peter Spencer at GC Bikefit is a passionate cyclist who wants to ensure that he gets the best out of all his clients. After a customized bike fit, Peter had eliminated all my previous aches and pains from previous injuries and from a previous bike shop bike fit, but had also made me feel comfortable whilst riding. I had even received compliments from my fellow riders that I looked ‘fit’ and ‘strong’ following my custom fit and my new bike frame. Peter makes you feel comfortable, he is honest and explains the step-by-step process of the bike fitting, so you gain a thorough understanding of why things are done. I would highly recommend Peter Spencer of GCBikefit to anyone that rides a bike, whether it be the weekend warrior or the elite athlete, as he will find the ideal bike position for you to achieve comfort, enjoyment and optimal performance.
Jaime Kruusmaa
It is my pleasure to write this for you. Whether you are considering purchasing a new bike or if you have never had professional bike fit on your existing bike, I highly recommend you have one with Peter Spencer at GCBikefit. Since I have had my bike fit I have never felt more comfortable on the bike, I noticed the difference right from the first ride. I have more power, no soreness with extended time in the saddle and most importantly I have been aligned correctly eliminating knee pain while riding. Peter is very professional with his approach and is very passionate about the sport and also helping others achieve I am happy to do one on your coaching as well... their goals.
We have known Peter Spencer for a number of years - personally through our cycling club, and now professionally through his business. His knowledge with bikes and in particular bike setup is amazing....he can literally suggest improvements to position from about 100 metres away – little tweaks that make amazing improvements to results, in races that are sometimes won by less than 5 seconds. Last track season he spent some time with our son who was an Under 17 rider.  His results after spending some time with Peter were amazing.  In particular, his pursuit starts were monitored and improved – giving a nearly 15 second time gain.  He went on to be unbeatable on the track in his age group – not only because of his improvement to position but because of Peter’s belief in him.<br><br>Peter has many years of experience in this industry and has a very direct style of providing feedback. He will always make sure you get exactly what you need – not what he has in stock.  This is very refreshing in an industry that has sold us the wrong size bike – TWICE!!! We wouldn’t consider purchasing a bike before discussing the correct size with Peter and involving him in the decision making process.
Sharyn Watson
I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter Spencer (Spence) for the last five years. Throughout this time I have been mentored, coached and purchased quality products from him and at all times I have been extremely satisfied with his expert service and advice. When it comes to cycling you will struggle to find someone else who has such a vast array of knowledge and first-hand experience that covers almost every aspect of the sport. Coaching – Spence provided me with a detailed training program that allowed me to develop every aspect of my cycling. This included expert advice in areas which are often overlooked relating to bike handling, race tactics and feeding. He also provided me with expert advice on which products to use and how to maintain my bike. Being coached by Spence enabled me to rapidly improve from an average club rider right through to a state and then national level rider. The best thing about being coached by Spence is his brutal honesty. There is no “beating around the bush” and because of this you always know where you stand and what you have to work on to improve your performance. I would recommend his coaching services to anyone who is looking to improving their racing and at the same time gain a good understanding of the sport as a whole. Moose Socks – I bought my first pair of Moose Cycling Race socks well over a year ago now. Throughout this time I have raced, trained, run in them and worn them as general sport socks in whether ranging from 40 degree heat right through to freezing cold driving rain. At this time they still provide unparalleled fit and comfort. This is due to them being designed specifically for each foot and their use of high quality elastic. Even though I would describe my calves as small the Moose Cycling Race socks have maintained their hold and stay in position no matter what I put them through. I have since purchased many more pairs and will continue to buy my sports socks through Moose. I would recommend their sports socks to any cyclist or runner looking for elite comfort and performance.
Michael Hosking Elite Cyclist/Distance runner
"Peter Spencer has a forensic knowledge of all facets of cycling and has a real passion for guiding cyclists to reach their goals. From beginners to aspiring pros, I have witnessed his innate ability to design training programs of several cyclists, tailored to meet each individual's needs and circumstances." "Most importantly he is able to communicate this in a clear and concise manner. He leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit to assist the athlete to reach a performance level that is commensurate with their ability. As a father of a junior cyclist under his tutorage, his coaching methods have provided the foundation and direction to his training, bike handling, psychology, nutrition and racing tactics in a fun and accessible manner. Definitely knowledge and skills that will provide the platform to reach the next performance level."
Cheers, Brad
"Hey does anyone know a good qualified local bike fitter in the gc? Got a new bike and not sure if I got the right measurements from my old bike!" View all the feedback here.
Ruby Livingstone
Ruby Livingstone1,